The work-from-home lifestyle is pretty nice, but one of the things that we miss most about the office is our luxurious coffee machine. What’s left to innovate in the coffee market, you ask?  Apparently a lot, according to Israeli startup Griin.

Fresher coffee with a greener footprint

Before they’re ready for roasting, coffee beans come from the fields green. The black-brown color we’re all familiar with comes after a good roast. The main problem stems from the pick-to-pot process being highly inefficient, highly pollutive, and leading to stale coffee grounds in your morning cup.

Based in Israel, Griin provides a complete end-to-end java-centered layout that includes green coffee beans (no typo) and an optimized roasting device, which can be attached to your office or home’s existing coffee machine. In a conversation with Geektime, CMO Matan Scharf explained that the whole process is totally automated: “From the moment it turns on to the moment this it’s turned off at the end of the day, the entire process is fully automated, erasing the need for human intervention.” At the end of every roasting cycle, the roasted coffee is transferred into the bean compartment, and from there to the grinder, where the user picks their desired take on the aromatic liquid.

Scharf claims that the company provides a zero-pollution machine, meaning no noise, heat, or smoke. “Griin’s roasting solution is based on a roasting method that heats the entire volume of the bean (Volumetric Heating) and a control center that is based on Machine-Learning technologies identifying and managing each bean’s roasting process,” he explains.

According to the company’s statement, the roasting method should directly impact the taste and aroma coming from the coffee you drink. But Scharf notes that the product’s advantages don’t stop with taste and smell. Griin’s solution actually saves the vacuum tight packaging from non-biodegradable plastics and aluminums, with the machine also utilizing 80% less energy in comparison to more traditional bean roasting methods. In addition, the company’s heating system prevents the release of harmful particles from the outer bean shell and the whole coffee bean supply chain can make some significant changes.

Griin announced the closing of a $2 million Seed round, led by Closed Loop Ventures. The company will use the newly acquired capital to complete the initial launch of its coffee machine. Griin was founded in 2019 by COO Jonathan Scharf, who began his affair with coffee 20 years ago as a barista; CEO Yuval Weisglass, who founded Harman acquired TowerSec in 2016; and CMO Matan Scharf.