If the future is now, then why don’t we have a more modern alternative to standardized disease diagnostics? Well, actually, Israeli startup AEYE Health thinks they offer a quicker and more efficient way of diagnosing, without the need for expensive machinery. For 2 years the startup had operated under the radar, until recently, announcing that they have received a $3 million boost in capital, from investors Falcon, R-Cubed, Club 100, and a number of Angel investors.

Professional diagnostics from your family doctor

For almost 2 centuries now, eye doctors have been using retina diagnostics. Examining the retina’s condition allows for early diagnostics of various diseases that lead to vision loss, and even heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. This all sounds great, but the truth is that these examinations happen few and far in between. These potential life-saving retina diagnostics can only be performed by a specialist, and without many on the market, many people are tested too late for life-altering diseases.

Israeli startup, AEYE Health’s algorithm uses computer vision and machine learning to diagnose various diseases by scanning the retina in the eye. The Israeli startup aims to cut out the waiting stage, allowing patients to have easy access to these scans by their local family doctor, medical care centers, and nurses. “Currently, family doctors don’t have the capability to perform these tests, and they are forced to refer patients to eye specialists. Our vision is to offer a new tool for the family doctor to perform the scan simply and easily at the comfort of their own clinics,” explains the company’s VP of Business Development Izik Itzhakov in a conversation with Geektime. If in fact, a diagnosis comes out positive for a disease, only then is the patient referred to an eye specialist.

All for one, and one for all

AEYE Health’s software solution is meant to fit all types of eye-scanner cameras, allowing for easy integration of the AI software to the eye doctor’s already existing equipment. This could be from cheap manual scanners to large complicated machines worth tens of thousands of dollars. However, AEYE Health is not the only agnostic camera solution on the market, as the company fights in a battleground of giants, including Google and IBM. Nevertheless, according to Itzhakov, the Israeli startup is currently the only one who posses an FDA approval for the use of this system. With the company comfortably staking its reputation on its under-a-minute noninvasive procedure.

AEYE Health was founded in 2018 by CEO, Zack Dvey-Aharon Ph.D. - who is an 8200 intelligence unit alumnus and machine learning expert, and by COO, Danny Margalit, former founding partner of Aladdin. The company employs a team of 14 strong, split between offices in Tel Aviv and New York.

The innovative diagnostics platform is in the final stages of clinical testing in the U.S. - a necessary stage towards a coveted FDA approval. In parallel, a number of family doctors and endocrinologists are already using the technology in their clinics. “An FDA approval will allow us to further market our technology, enabling easy access to retina scans that will save millions from diseases, which if caught early enough can be prevented.”