Glilot Capital Partners was founded in 2011 by the fund’s managing partners, Kobi Samborsky and Arik Kleinstein. It is ranked among the top-performing VCs in the world, and since its inception has carried out 12 exits, including CyberX, LightCyber and IntSights. The fund’s portfolio comprises dozens of active companies, including At-Bay, CardinalOps, Cider Security, Cyolo, Ermetic, Lightlytics, Lightrun and Upstream.

Today, Glilot Capital Partners announced that it has raised $220 million in its fourth seed funding round. The fund, led by Kobi Samborsky, Arik Kleinstein and Nofar Amikam, will invest in young companies in the fields of cybersecurity, enterprise software and developer tools. As a founding partner at Glilot Capital Arik Kleinstein, said: “We are investing in ventures run by entrepreneurs who espouse a brilliant vision and desire to grow into large companies.”

More than just money

Glilot Capital is also one of the world’s leaders in value creation for the startups it invests in. They are one of the only Israeli VCs that has a team whose sole purpose is to provide support for portfolio companies, help them determine their product/market fit and close deals with their initial clients. The VCs extensive global network brings hundreds of advisors who hold key positions at global corporations to advise its portfolio companies, while also potentially becoming their first clients. This empowers their portfolio companies to take off and quickly conquer the market; it increases the chances of success for early-stage companies as it enables them to build products according to their authentic customers’ needs. Glilot also supports companies with marketing and recruitment. As Nofar Amikam, a general partner at Glilot, and the founder of its value creation team stated, “Assisting our portfolio companies is one of our most important roles since there’s no other way to ensure that they quickly become leaders in their respective fields.”

Shai Morag, Co-Founder & CEO of Ermetic shared with Geektime that "As a second-time entrepreneur, I knew I wanted to partner with a VC that would support me beyond the capital, especially in the beginning. Glilot has supported us from day one (ideation) and helped us get our very first customers via an abundance of market discussions with their network of C-levels prior to launching out of stealth. As an example, with their support, I was able to recruit a strong Advisory Board of CISOs for Ermetic."