Israeli start-up GenCell, a leading provider of innovative ammonia & hydrogen fuel cell energy solutions has entered an agreement with ABB Ltd., a multinational corporation operating mainly in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment, and automation technology, to carry out joint efforts to market hydrogen-based energy solutions.

Yesterday, the parties completed the integration of a joint solution incorporating GenCell’s fuel cell together with ABB's uninterruptible power supplies. For the last 12 months, the proposed solution has been deployed at a hospital in Israel to back up critical medical facilities, having received approval from the Israel Electric Authority and the Ministry of Health of Israel. The proposed solution is intended to offer reliable and emission-free long-duration uninterrupted power supply during short and long grid outages. It is meant to supplement and replace traditional diesel generators. The joint marketing activities will focus on railway, hospitals, commercial buildings, data centers, and telecom industries.

The first photo is GenCell's A5 off-grid power solution. Credit:GenCell

GenCell hopes that this collaboration will help their products enter into new segments while shortening the time it will take to reach new clients and territories. Moreover, it allows GenCell to reinforce its role in the global fuel cell industry, not only for backup power but also for clean off-grid primary power. As GenCell’s CEO Rami Reshef stated, “The ABB agreement will be a major engine of growth for GenCell in the years to come, encouraging the transition to green and sustainable energy".

GenCell was founded in 2011 and has raised $26 million. In 2019, GenCell was recognized with the Europe Enabling Technology Leadership Award by Frost & Sullivan.