So you have a cool idea and you want to run it on a SaaS model. First off, congrats. However, besides your idea, there are many foundation blocks that need laying before anything can happen, and these usually cost quite a bit of coin, in addition to the endless man-hours required to get your new baby up and running. A new Israeli startup called Frontegg aims to change the way SaaS products are developed, and become the go-to supplier of critical elements for SaaS applications.

App Store for application features

Frontegg developed a platform that contains all the necessary features a SaaS product requires, like notifications, logs, server authentication, third-party channels, messages, bug reports, and more. Frontegg liberates dev teams from the burden of building SaaS capabilities. Instead of the long and painful process of developing each feature individually, Frontegg enables users to add and adjust the features depending on need in a few easy steps. To make it as clear as possible, an app store for application features.

In a conversation with Geektime, CEO and co-founder Sagi Rodin explains that the platform includes both the frontend and backend, meaning that Frontegg’s customers’ end-users can manage their SaaS account. According to Rodin, developing these capabilities on your own can take months on end, not to mention all the time spent on maintenance, upgrades, and adjustments. This is in contrast to a few hours of integration that he claims saves months of valuable labor, accelerates a product’s go-to-market, leaving the company and its developers to focus on core development rather than all the add-ons and extras.

Rodin notes that most of the company’s customers are established startups from a multitude of different industries and that a number of multinational organizations have already contacted the company regarding collaboration. “Frontegg’s vision is to set a new standard for how companies develop software products in the era of SaaS, enabling fast, efficient, and the highest quality of innovation,” explains Rodin.

Frontegg, which was founded in 2019 by CEO Sagi Rodin and CTO Aviad Mizrachi, announced a $5 million Seed funding round. The investment was led by Pitango with i3 and Global Founders Capital also getting in on the ground floor. Rodin tells Geektime that a small part of the funding round was raised during the company’s first steps in October 2019. The company employs a team of 14 at its Tel Aviv offices.

Reshef Mann, CTO and Co-founder of AppsFlyer: “As a CTO, I strive to focus my R&D resources on developing our own core product while not compromising on the features that make our SaaS offering shine. That's exactly the value that Frontegg provides, a state of the art SaaS-as-a-Service platform, perfectly integrated within our stack and allowing us to focus on what we love doing best - building AppsFlyer’s leading marketing platform.”