Israeli startup ForSight Robotics comes out from under the radar with a $10 million Seed round. The investment was led by Eclipse Ventures, with Mithril Capital also getting in on the action. ForSight develops robotic technologies to make ophthalmic surgery accessible to patients worldwide.

Eye surgery for the masses

ForSight explains that many of the leading causes of blindness worldwide can be prevented with timely surgical procedures. However, ophthalmic microsurgery is intricate and challenging, requiring many years to master. Also, trained ophthalmic surgeons are in extremely short supply worldwide: In wealthy countries, there are just 72 ophthalmic surgeons per 1 million, but when looking at developing countries that number free falls to 3.7 surgeons per 1 million.

ForSight Robotics platform provides ophthalmic surgeons dexterity and maneuverability with six degrees of freedom, and the capability of executing intricate tasks with microsurgical instruments. By combining the latest advancements in robotics, machine learning and microsurgery, the ForSight system will incorporate state-of-the-art stereoscopic imaging technologies for surgical planning, real-time image guidance, and unparalleled visualization. The platform will ensure the continuous improvement of surgical technique and exceed human surgical capabilities with more precise movements of only a few microns.

R to L: Moshe Shoham & CEO Daniel Glozman credit: Kfir Ziv

ForSight Robotics was founded in 2020 by Moshe Shoham Ph.D., who previously founded Mazor Robotics, which was acquired by Medtronic for $1.6 billion; CEO Daniel Glozman, Ph.D.; and Chief Business Officer Joseph Nathan, M.D. The founding team operates alongside a leading advisory board, which includes, among others, Rony Abovitz, the popular founder and former CEO of Magic Leap.

"We are thrilled to bring robotics into the world of ophthalmic surgery," Dr. Glozman said. "Our goal is to democratize this highly sophisticated procedure, enabling patients around the world to easily access the treatment that can restore their vision."