In the commercial fleet world, driver safety is above all, and it becomes even more crucial when a semi-trailer is hauling a couple of tons of dangerous or hazardous materials cross country. As we’ve witnessed in the past, the potential spills caused by the Oil & Gas industry fleets can cause immense environmental damage, if or when a mistake is made. Just the threat of a catastrophic oil spill hitting the news is poised to doom public opinion against the trucking company and supplier. Further highlighting the necessity for hazardous material drivers to stay alert and safe on the road, creating a potential problem that demands an innovative solution.

Israeli company Eyesight Technologies, which leverages AI and computer-vision technologies for a safe driving experience, announced that it’s partnering with French fleet management conglomerate GloboConnect, a leading provider of telematics systems for fleets.

"The partnership is a major part of our effort and investment to improve road safety," said Yannick GUIDEZ CEO of GloboConnect. "The addition of Eyesight Technologies' driver monitoring solution to our telematics capabilities enables us to extend our driver safety solutions to include monitoring inside the cabin, allowing our customers to ensure better driving practices and the safer transport of dangerous goods in the oil and gas trucking industry."

The joint venture will focus efforts towards developing a driver monitoring telematics device, tailored for the Oil & Gas industry’s fleets. The device will combine Eyesight Technologies' computer vision and AI-based driver monitoring system (DMS) along with Globo's telematics infrastructure and hardware to improve road safety for an estimated 50,000 vehicles in oil & gas fleets.

"This partnership is another meaningful step towards creating safer driving environments in the fleet industry," said David Tolub, CEO of Eyesight Technologies. "An aftermarket DMS solution is a valuable addition to existing telematics offerings, increasing the safety and efficiency of fleets."