Israeli data-security startup Enso Security, which developed a platform for managing enterprise applications, announced the completion of a $6 million Seed round. The investment was led by YL Ventures, with participation from Jump Capital and leading Angle investors from the cyber realm.

“Securing applications these days is an impossible mission”

Enso Security’s application security posture management platform provides a broad view of every application developed or in use by an organization and optimizes dedicated workflow to mitigate risk during the development stage.

The platform provides AppSec teams with a one-stop-shop interface, where they can detect applications, identify the developers and various changes made, all under one user-friendly dashboard. In addition, the platform also prioritizes tasks based on data-backed insights that are pulled from development tools and pre-existing security measures, and continuously optimizes application security with real-time feedback, detailing the performance of security teams, suppliers, developers, and all tools relevant to application security.

Enso CEO Roy Erlich explains in a conversation with Geektime, that “most market solutions these days answer very specific problems. There are no tools for creating a cyber-ready ecosystem aimed at securing organizational applications. Organizations develop and update a multitude of applications, however, AppSec teams, which are usually much smaller than the developing team, find themselves lagging behind the development process. This results in security chaos, where the specialists can’t keep up and don’t know which applications are being developed or updated at any given moment.”

He adds that “securing applications these days is an impossible mission. AppSec teams lack resources to cover all changes coming from the massive development team, as they will forever be smaller crews that receive less organizational focus. Therefore, the main target for quality defense mechanisms is risk management. Ideally, in order to manage the threat, it’s crucial to ensure that all the info is presented, collected, of quality, and reliable. This is the only way to optimize performance, and cover more ground with an organization’s existing resources.”

Enso Security dashboard credit: Enso

As with many other cyber companies, Erlich is aware of the global pandemic’s impact on Enso’s operations: “Enso’s platform is well adapted to a distributed workflow, and therefore alleviates workloads from organizations, during the current crisis-centered period. COVID-19 brings with it fear and uncertainty, which in contrast provides a positive impact on the data-security market, with organizations attempting to ‘cover’ their vulnerabilities and put up strong defenses.”

According to Erlich, the market is making a massive transition to cloud environment and SaaS tools: “Technological changes enhance an organization’s public-facing component, and we are witnessing previously independent and very closed organizations turning to the public sector and moving organizational assets to public domains. This move creates a critical security challenge and increases the need for vertical security measures, like ours.”

Enso Security was founded by Erlich, CTO Barak Tawily, and CPO Chen Gour Arie, with the first two coming out of the Wix AppSec ecosystem. The company states that the newly acquired Seed funds will assist in recruiting top talent for product and R&D teams.