Israeli entrepreneur Emil Alon, who sold his previous startup to Facebook, has now raised an additional $20 million for his new AR startup Resonai. The total fundraising of their Series A, together with the most recent addition, is $36 million. It was executed by Meitav Dash, Blue Square, Iranian Ventures, the investment fund of Factory 54, SBI, Vive Nevo and Redds Capital. To date, the startup has raised a total of $43 million.

Computer vision for business and property owners

Resonai's product uses computer vision with indoor mapping and highly accurate location tracking services to produce a "Digital Twin" of any commercial building. With the help of this replication, owners of commercial buildings and marketers can launch various applications such as digital concierge services with indoor navigation and orientation; offer personalized help and upgraded subscription plans; offer different applications that are integrated with AR on the visitor's smartphone. In addition, the company's platform allows managers of buildings and commercial facilities to "access" their properties anywhere and anytime, and see the energy consumption, occupancy, air conditioning systems, and more in the various systems.

According to the company, since its founding, it has collaborated with several real estate companies including Kajima Construction, Takenaka Construction and Goldbeck Construction, as well as transportation companies such as JR Tokai and real estate companies such as Vonder Properties in Europe.

In response to the recruitment, Resonai founder and CEO Emil Alon said: "All over the world, owners and operators of commercial real estate are facing a reality in which the variety of assets and their traditional business models are under pressure. Horizontal transformations in society and consumer culture towards more modern, hybrid, and digital ways of living and working threaten their very existence. At Resonai, our mission is to foster a new kind of built environment– one that can thrive in our rapidly changing world. We do this by empowering commercial real estate owners and operators with the tools to upgrade physical real estate into digital, intelligent, and more efficient operational assets that enable innovative experiences and produce new revenue models that are based on data."