One of the corporate world’s main battles during COVID reality has been developing company culture and engagement. With no more happy hours before the weekend or taco Tuesdays to bring employees and management together, the workforce tends to become a bit disconnected.

"We help clients motivate employees to stay connected"

Israeli startup Eloops, a SaaS employee engagement provider, announced the launch of its new platform that provides human resource leaders with gamification tools combined with a rich marketplace of pre-made content templates and virtual activities. Together these technologies help align and connect employees to company culture, values, and goals.

Eloop’s platform enables HR leaders with a wide variety of engaging content, including trivia quizzes, competitions, peer-to-peer recognition programs, and much more. Moreover, the Israeli startup offers enterprises with an insight feature with data regarding employee engagement, including interaction frequency, preferred activities, most used content, and top engaged employees. This tool then empowers the companies to adapt and adopt new approaches to company culture based on the experience of the employees.

“In today’s remote workforce environment, employee engagement and maintaining a positive company culture is more important than ever,” said Idan Shem-Tov, Eloops co-founder and CEO. “By gamifying the employee experience, we help clients motivate employees to stay connected in a way that is easy, fun and successful, while improving results and alignment with their culture, values and goals.”

The platform provides participating employees with a trove of engaging activities that ultimately award them with company coins. These can be redeemed for both offline and online fun, which can be anything from store discounts, to days off, or parking spots, or even an in-person lunch with the CEO.

Eloops was founded in 2017 by CEO Idan Shem Tov, COO Sharon Dayag, CTO Naor Melamed, and CMO Tal Groder. The company’s headquarters are in Tel Aviv, the heart of the Startup Nation, and have already received backing from VCs including Sarona Ventures and Fusion LA, as well as Angel investors. According to the company, it has already implemented its employee engagement HR magic at companies of all sizes, such as Coca-Cola, Hertz, Estée Lauder, and Noble Energy.

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