Israeli company Electreon, which develops wireless charging solutions for roads and highways, pushes onward in its European expansion. After teaming with German mobility powerhouse EnBW to build wireless charging roads, the Israeli wireless innovator signs a strategic exclusive collaboration agreement with Eurovia, a road-building subsidiary of French construction behemoth VINCI. The strategic collab will focus on developing and constructing electric roads in Germany, Belgium, and France.

Oren Ezer, CEO, Electreon "We are very excited to enter into strategic collaboration with such an outstanding partner, this is an important vote of confidence in our technology and business potential. Working with such a partner will also provide the necessary confidence for governments and users to enter into large commercial projects using our innovative charging solution. This is certainly an important milestone for our ongoing efforts to enter the European and global markets."

Eurovia will promote and integrate Electreon's electric road system (ERS) solution as part of its range of products and handle the construction of the wireless charging platforms for electric vehicles including design and road maintenance. Electreon will provide the technology including installation, operation and maintenance as well as support marketing efforts and analyze different business opportunities.

The agreement follows mutual collaboration in projects in Sweden and Germany where Omexon, a VINCI Energies brand specializing in the energy transition, supplied electricity works. This only further cemented the exclusivity part as both entities have previously collaborated  on European based projects with success, and aim turn Europe’s roads into wireless chargers.

Eurovia and Electreon join forces to pave the way to innovative road infrastructures. By enabling any vehicle, whether a car, truck or bus, to top up in transit, wireless charging will remove the main barriers that have blocked the expansion of electric mobility on an industrial scale,” says Didier Deschanel, innovation director at Eurovia.