More than 14 million people in the western world suffer from chronic leg swelling (edema), which is usually brought on by poor blood circulation, according to Elastimed. Most of the current market solutions are quite expensive, uncomfortable, and oftentimes ineffective.

Israeli company Elastimed developed a product that fits like a sock. Furthermore, the product massages the leg and applies active medical treatment throughout the day without interfering with the patient’s day-to-day. Elastimed’s smart sock is based on electroactive polymers and is made from flexible soft plastic, enabling full maneuverability for the patient, who can adjust the form of the sock by electric signal.  

The blood stimulating sock is comprised of woven smart materials, which tighten and release gradually so that the massage pressure is squeezing upwards - which helps accelerate circulation. Elastimed notes that future improvements are already in the works, such as integrating Bluetooth capabilities into the sock in order to allow customized treatment, feedback, remote monitoring by physician, and comprehensive data analysis collected from the sock.

Elastimed states that the product is currently in the final stages of development and has already successfully passed its initial clinical trial on healthy adults, while the company prepares for its first clinical trial on patients who suffer from swelling in their legs.

Israeli MedTech startup Elastimed was founded in 2015 by CEO Omer Zelka. The company has raised $4.2 million to-date, from The Trendlines Group, Pix Vine Capital, private investors, and grants. Lately, Elastimed snagged a $600,000 investment from equity-based crowdfunding platform ExitValley. The company notes that the funds will directed towards clinical trials and receiving the coveted FDA approval for the smart sock product.