Every startup’s dream is to become a major industry leader, operating in markets around the world. Which industry you choose doesn’t really matter, global recognition and partnerships have become the ultimate measure for business success. But how do you get there?

EIT Hub Israel joins forces with 8200 Impact to connect Israeli startups with European startups in a post-acceleration program called, Calling2Scale. For the second year in a row, the program will focus on scaling startups, and offer full support in preparation for global market penetration.

EIT Scale-Up program

A new and improved program

The participants from both Israel and Europe will work together on tackling the challenges that face scaling startups today. Participants will be assigned expert mentors according to their boot camp track, or industry - Healthcare, Waste Management and Recycling, and Renewable Energy - as well as by their expertise, such as sales, business development, post-COVID adjustments, leadership, taxes, business, and more.

Each bootcamp track will be led by industry partners, who provide participating startups with access to mentors, business units, data, and beta site. The partners are GreenNet (Waste management and recycling), Doral Energy (Renewable energy), Integer (Medical Device), IMED (startup workspace at Ichilov Hospital), and Medtronic (Healthcare). Additionally, the program provides ecosystem partners and innovation managers, including EIC, Start-Up Nation Central, Naschitz, Brandes, Amir Co., Tel Aviv Municipality, and the Israel Innovation Institute. Pulling from their extensive experience and expertise, these business leaders will help guide participating startups on to the next step of their roadmap.

This is the program’s second run in Israel, but this time promises a new and improved program, that’s longer too. Instead of only one month, the program’s second cycle will last 8 weeks and include 8 different sessions on a variety of subjects: Technological impact, business, sales, marketing, and more. If that’s not enough, the program also offers different professional workshops from which the startups can choose, such as startup psychology, storytelling, applying for grants, worldwide regulations, and much more. Through the program, participants have access to a wide variety of expert mentors from numerous leading ecosystems - including Israel, Europe, and the U.S. (from companies such as Plug&Play, Schoolab, Enel, Sap.io, etc.), in addition to tapping into the global marketing network provided by EIT and the EIT Innovation Community.

EIT Scale-Up program

The upcoming cycle will launch with between 14-16 startups on, April 21st. Every Wednesday, the Israeli and European startups will get together for a 2-hour virtual session, with potential physical meetings left to COVID guidelines. In June, the program will conclude with a Demo-Day, with key players from the Israeli ecosystem - VCs, CEOs, and investors - all in attendance. Registration closes on Friday (March 26th). The program is backed entirely by EIT Hub Israel, and the program’s industry leaders.

EIT Hub Israel is an outreach location of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The Hub creates a synergy between global EIT communities and the Israeli ecosystem to help support startup growth and increase active projects and partnerships between the EU and Israel. The Israeli hub is part of a global collaboration between other leading innovation hubs around the world - Silicon Valley and China.

EIT Hub Israel Managing Director, Adi Barel, explains: “The startups program, supported by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology [EIT], aims to bring to the fore the strengths of Israel and Europe and gather the most valuable resources from around the world to support leading technologies in the fields of health, climate and energy in Seed/A stages. The merger with leading partners in the industry, including 8200 Impact, IMED [Ichilov], Integer, Green Net, Doral Energy, Startup Nation Central, and the connection to EIT's European partner network, makes the program significant and unique at the international level’’.

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