Publicly traded Canadian refined sugar giant Rogers Sugar, the parent company of Lantic, has joined forces with Israeli foodtech startup DouxMatok, which develops food delivery technologies. The strategic partnership ventures to deliver a unique sugar reduction solution based on cane sugar, to food companies in North America.

Same texture and sweet taste, but less harmful for you

DouxMatok's technology platform is backed by 24 granted patents and has been developed for over six years by a leading multidisciplinary team of scientists. The foodtech company’s solution is based on real cane sugar and, therefore, has the same sensorial profile, taste, and other functionalities as sugar. Its patented technology works by maximizing the efficiency of sugar delivery to the sweet taste receptors, enhancing consumers' perception of sweetness. This enables all you bakers and sugar lovers out there to utilize the alternative sweetener with a considerable reduction in sugar content while retaining the same sweet taste that keeps or sweet tooth wanting more. The solution offers a wide range of applications, including cookies, cakes, confectionery, and chocolate.

"We are extremely pleased to have secured an exclusive cane sugar manufacturing agreement with DouxMatok for this innovative technology that adds an important and much desired customer solution to our natural sweetener portfolio," said John Holliday, President and CEO of Lantic. "As we see a noticeable trend towards a return to natural cane sugar in many consumer products, the reduction of 30 to 50 percent in sugar content makes this move even more compelling. With proven commercial manufacturing in place, we are ready to support the commercialization of this new solution to food companies in the U.S. market."

According to DouxMatok, it has been working vigorously with Lantic over the past two years to transition this innovation from pilot testing to successful commercial-scale manufacturing within Lantic's existing sugar refining business, making industrial volumes already available. The new sugar-centric partnership is working collaboratively with selected food companies to support the development of new products as well as the reformulation of existing products with less sugar, more fibers, and proteins to secure overall better nutrition.

"This exciting collaboration with Lantic represents an important step towards commercialization of our solution," said Eran Baniel, CEO of DouxMatok. "In working with Lantic and its passionate entrepreneurial team, we are confident we have the right partner to take on the largest sugar market in the world. We are particularly excited about our part in helping make the food we love healthier, especially amid growing concerns around rising obesity."

DouxMatok was founded in 2014 by CEO Eran Baniel, who brings vast market experience and knowledge as he previously served as Co-Founder & CEO of HCL CleanTech, Co-Founder & CEO of Desk-Trainer; and Co-Founder & CEO of U.L.A., and CEO at LifeWave; and Inventor Prof. Avraham Baniel, who brings over 70 years of industrial chemical experience, and previously served as CTO and Managing Director of Israel’s National Chemicals R&D center for almost 30 years. The company’s sugar technologies, which have been validated in multiple consumer tests and professional panels, are expected to be available for the U.S. food industry come 2021.