With digital transformation continuously increasing, more and more companies and organizations are realizing they need to establish themselves on the cloud. The problem is that onboarding to the cloud is a long and expensive process that can take up to twelve months. Since time is money, businesses can hardly afford such a process, literally and figuratively. Moreover, when onboarding to the cloud, companies must also recruit and employ DevOps experts to solve any additional technical and architecture complexities while also maintaining the cloud infrastructure as a whole. Consequently, the need for a holistic automation-based solution to cloud infrastructure is a grave need for companies everywhere, especially since there are currently no solutions to enable the development of a cloud infrastructure in a timely manner on the market. Eliminating the aforementioned chaos involved in cloud development and ongoing maintenance is what Simloud strives to do.

Simloud was developed because of the real difficulties that come alongside cloud infrastructure. Simloud is a SaaS platform that fully automates cloud microservices infrastructure environment creation, cost management, CI/CD, centralized logging, monitoring, and troubleshooting using Kubernetes and Serverless technologies through simple wizard or REST API. The entire infrastructure is created in the customer’s cloud account, and it includes widely open-source frameworks, cloud-managed services, and industry best practices. Once the infrastructure is created, the customer has a dashboard for all cloud environments and resources enabling visibility, compliance, cost management and savings.

Essentially, Simloud’s SaaS platform specifies customer needs through a short, 20-minute configuration process, making it possible to onboard in the cloud environment at an unprecedented speed. It also allows for ‘non-cloud experts’ to have access to the complexities of cloud environments. With Simloud, the amount of time and costs involved in onboarding and maintenance in the cloud environment is cut by 75%. It is so simple that in fact all a client needs to bring is his code and the Simloud tool will do the rest and create the architecture in the clients cloud account

Simloud’s CEO Assaf Weissblat stated, “We developed a process that is based on the identification of recurrent patterns in cloud architectures and how they are used by customers, using the industry's best practices that combine the automation of open-source DevOps tools, with emphasis on integration and simplicity of use. With dozens of customers already seeing drastic changes in work times and cost savings, any company that uses the cloud or wants to move to a modern cloud infrastructure can benefit from our platform.”

Simloud was founded in 2019 by Assaf Weissblat (CEO) and Noam Teltch (Finance Director). They have raised more than $2 million to date.