Deepdub, an AI-based entertainment localization company, today (Feb. 10th) announced that it has raised $20 million in Series A funding led by New York-based global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners. This round also included participation from existing investors Booster Ventures and Stardom Ventures and new investors Swift VC. Angel investors joining this round included Emiliano Calemzuk (former President of Fox Television Studios), Kevin Reilly (former CCO of HBO Max), Danny Grander (Co-Founder of Snyk), Roi Tiger (VP, Engineering at Meta), Gideon Marks and Daniel Chadash. George Mathew, a Managing Partner at Insight Partners, will be joining Deepdub’s Board of Directors.

We all know the feeling of wanting to watch a movie that isn't in our native language but can't be bothered to read the subtitles. Sometimes, you just want to relax with a movie on and not have to work too hard to understand it. Israeli startup Deepdub is trying to make your movie experience more laid back, and easier to enjoy with their cutting-edge AI technology that allows you to watch whatever you want, regardless of your native language.

Deepdub's platform allows content creators, owners, and distributors to extend their international reach and scale their offerings while maintaining the highest level of quality. This can be across a medley of entertainment experiences, such as TV, film, advertising, gaming, and e-learning. People can now watch their favourite films or tv-shows in any language they choose, without losing any aspect of the original experience; Deepdub provides high-quality localization services of entertainment content using deep learning and AI algorithms by plugging into the post-production process of content owners. Everyone loves a good movie, so their technology has the potential to impact billions of people worldwide. It also lends hand to bridging both the language and cultural gaps we are continuing to see in our society.

Deepdub's team. Credit: Deepdub.

Deepdub had quite the explosive year as it signed a multi-series partnership with to bring their catalogue of foreign TV shows into English and became the first-ever company to dub an entire feature-length film (called “Every Time I Die”​​, available on Netflix) into Latin American Spanish utilizing AI voices. This past year, the company also started to work with multiple Hollywood studios on various projects.

Deepdub’s current challenge is to continue optimizing and scaling a process that spans exabytes of video, audio, language, and text. This funding round fuels Deepdub’s ability to overcome that challenge. With the new capital, they will expand the global reach of the company’s sales by entering new markets, and bolster the company's delivery, sales, and R&D teams.

“We are accelerating to a world where AI is now augmenting humanity’s creative potential,” said George Mathew, Managing Partner at Insight Partners, “As the media industry continues to globalize, we see Deepdub's AI/NLP-based dubbing platform as essential in scaling great content to audiences everywhere. We believe Deepdub represents the next great leap forward in global content distribution, engagement and consumption.”

Deepdub was founded by brothers Ofir (CEO) & Nir (CTO) Krakowski in 2019. They have raised a total of $26 million so far.