Something happened during COVID. Between the stay-at-home instructions and high demand for digital products, Israeli companies perfectly leveraged advancements in automation technologies, developed for a distributed, frictionless world to scale up big time. The Israeli startup ecosystem is turning more into Unicorn valley, as more and more Israeli companies are finding success in scaling without “selling out”. How is it done? What does it take to produce a Billion dollar company?

Unicorns & Soonicorns

To truly understand the journey and the fire of the modern-day startup founder, Sarona Partners and Start-up Nation Central have teamed up to bring a trio of Unicorns (a private company valued at over $1B) and Soonicorns (you get it) on to one stage for a moderated chat about their biggest wins and failures along the way. Representing the Unicorn club, Alex Bouaziz, CEO and co-founder at Deel ($156M raised to date), and the panel’s Soonicorn representatives Tom Livne, CEO and founder of Verbit ($125M raised to date), and L.D. Salmanson, CEO and founder at Cherre ($75M in funding).

All three companies are part of the Sarona Partners' portfolio, but all three operate in different industries, and can offer different angles and insight on the Dos and Don'ts of scaling startups. The can’t miss event - "The Journey to Build a Unicorn Company" -  is scheduled for Tuesday May 25th, 6pm IL/11am EST.

Carrying a $1.25 billion valuation Deel provides enterprises with a suite of remote payroll related products, adapted to the distributed workforce world; Verbit is advancing the area of AI-powered transcribing and  captioning for a growing digital market; and Cherre is revolutionizing the real estate industry with smart data analytics. Moderating the tech star studded panel, Start-up Nation Central’s own Head of Strategic Sector Development Yariv Lotan is looking forward to hosting the three innovators, noting that the discussion will focus on a wide array of subjects; from funding during COVID, SPAC or IPO, and best investor relation practices to building and establishing global market leaders as an Israeli company, based in Israel (like Verbit), or with a strong R&D presence in the country. In addition t0 discussing the challenges, and their solutions, on the way to building a company with valuation north of $1 billion. Or as moderator Lotan excitingly described the event: "In this exciting panel, we want to get to behind the scenes of the hyper growth journey to becoming a Unicorn.”

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