Israeli startup Dealtale, which develops a no-code data discovery platform for revenue teams, announced that it has received Seed funding from Hyperwise Ventures, a VC focused on early-stage startups solving real business problems. The amount of investment has yet to be disclosed.

Empowering revenue teams with a no-code data magic

In a world where data rules, untangling the continuous knot of data chaos has brought organizations to invest heavily in solutions aimed at getting the most out of their data pipeline. Dealtale provides these organizations with access to data from dozens of SaaS platforms, CRMs, websites, and more. Users can explore insights, slice and dice data across silos, and uncover previously hidden revenue opportunities — all from a simple UI, no expertise needed.

"Startups and enterprises promote and sell their products via multiple on-line and off-line channels and are consistently struggling to make cost-effective marketing and sales spending decisions in a growing, competitive arena," said Ben Omelchenko, Managing Partner at Hyperwise Ventures. "Dealtale's offering comes at a crucial time when there's an increasing demand for solutions that help organizations access insights from data to better manage and address business needs, and most importantly meet their revenue targets."

Dealtale's no-code data platform democratizes data access across the organization, empowering revenue teams with data-backed insight to further drive success and save on expensive and scarce data science and data engineering resources. The platform provides sales teams with real-time crucial insight in a single click, displaying common business queries such as identifying most profitable sales and marketing funnels, most impactful events on the customer journey, and causes for abandonment and churn. To make it even more practical, the platform easily connects to a variety of CRMs, website analytics and digital tools including Salesforce, Facebook, Zoho, and more.

"We see an opportunity to bring all data together to enable big picture analysis as organizations today use numerous digital tools, each with its own set of analytics and reporting," said Ariel Geifman, CEO & Co-Founder at Dealtale. "With the investment, business experience and the expertise of Hyperwise Ventures, we can execute our vision more rapidly and enable more organizations to uncover valuable insights from data."

Dealtale was founded earlier this year in March by CEO Ariel Geifman, CTO Adi Mizrahi, and VP R&D Aviran Mozes. The Tel Aviv-based company noted that the investment will help to fuel the launch of its SaaS platform and accelerate expansion across the United States and Europe.