Israeli startup DayTwo, a platform that customizes nutritional recommendations based on microbiome discovery, secured $37 million funding from aMoon and Marius Nacht, who also co-founded DayTwo. Others participating in the round included 10D, La’maison, Cathay Ventures, Poalim Capital Markets, and Micron Ventures. The company has raised $85 million to date.

The app will tell you what to eat

DayTwo’s first product uses advanced algorithms to predict the impact of different foods on your blood sugar levels, helping you contain and balance them. The company analyzes your microbiome, and combines the findings with a health survey and blood results to provide you with a customized menu, which can be easily found on the DayTwo app.

When we tested DayTwo’s product back in 2019, we were pleasantly surprised by the app and service. However, we did note that the algorithm needed advancement, as we found ourselves “working” pretty hard to help it. While chatting with Lihi Segal, CEO and co-founder at DayTwo, it seems as if the request was heard and the company has taken that route.

According to Segal, the company is expanding the app’s capabilities, and now it can automate various food and nutrition recommendations based on the meal planned by the user. “Another feature added for users in the U.S. allows them to scan foods via their barcodes. Our users can compare products at the supermarket, and choose the optimal product for helping them maintain balanced blood sugar levels,” said Segal.

Segal also added that the company has launched a new diagnosis model, and treatment called EATS ™, which according to her is based on behavioral economics and “includes continuous communication via the app with our accompanying staff and user segmentation according to health condition, habits, and behavioral parameters, to customize nutrition and treatment based in what’s best for the user.”

The DayTwo app

Available in the U.S. and Israel

Fortunately, DayTwo is one of the rare startups that can be found operational in Israel, through the public health sector, but the company’s main market, of course, is in the U.S., where users can access the service through their work or insurance company. For example, an employee or insured individual with a metabolic illness can cost an Insurance company or employer upto four times that of a healthy person. Segel noted that the funding round follows the company displaying to employers and insurers significant clinical impact on users.In total, the company reports over 70,000 active users between Israel and the U.S.

DayTwo was founded by Marius Nacht (Check Point founder and head of aMoon), Lihi Segal, and Yuval Ofek, with technology based on research conducted by Prof. Eran Segal and Prof. Eran Elinav from the Weizmann Institute of Science. The company employs a team of 120, with 80 based in Israel and the additional 40 in the U.S.