Israeli-U.S. based K2View, which provides advanced DataOps solutions for large enterprises, announced a $28 million funding round led by Forestay Capital, with participation from Genesis Partners. This hefty investment comes not long after the company saw over 75% CAGR in revenue, adding to its strong 2020 so far. This inject of cash will accelerate the company’s growth and expansion in the emerging DataOps market.

This investment will be used to support the company’s go-to-market strategy as it continues its expansion in markets ripe for transformation with DataOps, such as telecom, financial services, healthcare, insurance, logistics and more.

“The fastest method to achieve true agility and exceptional customer experience is moving away from 30-plus years of application-driven enterprise into the data-driven enterprise. This is a critical component for digital transformation and a massive opportunity for us,” said CEO Achi Rotem, who co-founded K2View along with COO Rafi Cohen in 2009. “As we look to the next stage of our growth, our vision is to continue helping companies unlock their potential by providing a faster, better and more cost-effective way to access and control data. To achieve funding of this size in the midst of a worldwide pandemic further proves our business potential. Forestay Capital and Genesis Partners share our vision for the future and are natural partners in helping us accelerate our growth.”

K2View brings a different approach to managing an enterprise’s biggest asset, data, which is funneled and stored in hundreds of different applications, technologies and structures. This turns the IT team job into chaos, resulting in mistakes, lag in service, and poor customer experience. K2View’s patented approach and unique architecture deliver the data that enterprises need, exactly how and when they need it —all in real-time. Since the launch of its platform in 2015, K2View has proven its vision and technology while helping some of the world’s largest companies tackle complex data challenges.

K2View’s platform delivers the right data to the right person at the right time in just milliseconds and enables enterprises to operationalize all of their data and get holistic access to what matters the most to their business while reducing time-to-market from months to weeks. This helps companies reduce costs substantially while accelerating innovation with challenging use cases such as test data management, customer data hubs and compliance with data privacy regulations.

“As companies undergo digital transformation to adapt to a changing global economy and regulatory environment, K2View’s disruptive technology is transforming the use of data to accelerate business innovation,” said Frederic Wohlwend, Managing Partner at Forestay Capital. “We’re thrilled to partner with this talented and visionary team in their next growth journey and scale the business across the globe to help organizations tackle their most complex data challenges.”

K2View’s patented solution helps enterprises quickly and cost-effectively achieve a 360-degree, real-time view of data—a challenge that has held back the innovation of enterprise IT,” said Gary Gannot, Managing Partner at Genesis Partners. “The DataOps market has unlimited opportunity and growth potential, and K2View is poised to strengthen its position of leadership as it supports the next wave of market expansion.”