Israeli rail cyber-security startup Cylus has formed a focused alliance with French multinational giant Egis, an engineering group providing solutions for both natural and urban infrastructure, as well as transport systems. The joint venture will form a Center of Excellence that aims to prevent cyber-attacks on the critical railway infrastructure.

"We are excited to collaborate with Cylus, the leading rail cybersecurity company. Joining forces enables us to provide our customers, unique domain expertise as well as cutting-edge cybersecurity know-how and best practices," says Olivier Bouvart, Executive Director Rail of Egis and adds "We decided to take action and be proactive in supporting our customers by preparing them for the growing risk of cyber threats."

The railway focused alliance will help support both rail-focused and cyber-security companies around the world in building cyber resiliency and securing critical networks. Designed by the world's foremost experts, based on methodologies, technologies, and standards (IEC 62443), the Center of Excellence delivers a wide array of advanced security solutions and services to customers worldwide. The melting pot of cyber and railway minds encompasses and supports customers from development of strategy, through identification of cyber risks, to incident detection and response.

"We're excited to work with Egis Rail, which has decades of experience in providing mobility services around the globe," says Amir Levintal, CEO of Cylus, "This partnership strengthens our capabilities to provide end-to-end support to rail organizations in meeting the specter of cyber threats. Our joint services are designed specifically for the railway industry and will enable our customer to focus on their day-to-day operations, business, and growth, leaving their cyber-defense management to our security experts. We are certain that this partnership will drive the rail industry towards a cyber-safe future."

Cylus was founded in 2017 by former military intelligence veterans CEO Amir Levintal and CTO Miki Shifman. Furthermore, the company used the experience and guidance of former Railway CEO Boaz Tzafrir and serial entrepreneur Zohar Zisapel to establish a strong foothold in the railway cyber-security sector.