Cyberint, a cyber threat intelligence company that pioneered attack surface reconnaissance, announced today a financing round of $40 million led by StageOne Venture’s Late-Stage Arm, Neva SGR, and Viola Growth. The round also included participation from all existing ventures.

Saving cyber

With tens of millions of dark web items, phishing attempts, brand abuse, ransomware, and leaked credentials identified monthly, cybersecurity technology is becoming increasingly critical. As cybercrime is on an exponential rise, the damages it generates are expected to hit $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. And so, now more than ever, there is a need for focused, proactive threat intelligence. Companies need better understanding and protection against both relevant and unknown risks. This is what Cyberint is aiming to achieve.

Cyberint fuses threat intelligence with attack surface management and reconnaissance, providing organizations with extensive integrated visibility into their external risk exposure. They do so by combining two aspects: dark web data harvesting with autonomous analysis of an organization’s attack surface. What makes Cyberint stand out from its competitors is “the information gathered about the organization is subsequently compared against billions of intelligence pieces such as classified leaks and chatter, which shows hackers’ intentions, collected over time from the Open, Deep and Dark web to identify attacks in their early stages,” explains Yochai Corem, Cyberint’s CEO, in a conversation with Geektime. By doing so, Cyberint’s highly skilled threat intelligence experts have been able to develop a product that delivers timely and focused information from a wide array of sources to the relevant teams, allowing for effective remediation across all sectors; they provide early warning to thousands of cyber-attack attempts, thus support its customers’ security programs, and makes a real impact before harm can be done. “Our capabilities provide a proactive intelligence approach to ensure that cyber teams are not overloaded with data they cannot prioritize nor handle and that they have pinpointed, focused, early warning systems that reduce cyber risk without the need for any installation or integration”, Corem continued.

Cyberint's platform

As Yossi Vinitski, Partner, StageOne Venture’s Late-Stage Arm stated, “There are countless players in the cyber arena making it extremely difficult to find a company with a product and track record to become a go-to solution. With Cyberint, we believe we’ve found the timing, product, and perhaps most importantly, the team to make that happen.”

Cyberint has seen impeccable growth recently. In the last year alone, they have more than doubled their ARR and tripled their customer base. Global customers include Fortune 500 leaders across all major market verticals, such as BPI, Sports United, Chipotle and Homepoint. With the new capital, Cyberint plans to accelerate business growth and bolster its global go-to-market efforts by expanding sales and marketing teams. They also plan on further developing the platform.

Cyberint was founded in 2010 by Itay Yanovski and Raz Alon. The company's team of over 100 employees is led by Yochai Corem (CEO) and Shai Yatzkan (CFO). They are based in Petah Tikvah, with offices in New York, London, and Paris. To date, they have raised a total of $68 million.