Israeli startup CRUX, which quantifies user content retention, announced a $1.3 million Seed funding round. The investment was led by German WENVEST Capital, with participation from London accelerator program Founders Factory and A-Round Capital.

The company that tells you exactly how much you know

CRUX Knowledge develops a gamification platform for content consumption and provides content creators with quantifiable insight about their published content. According to the company, it has developed the world’s first system that can actually measure how much a user knows about a certain subject based on the amount of content read. CRUX’s system utilizes NLP and proprietary algorithms in order to generate a user “knowledge score” by calculating the relevant data exposed to while reading. All the content exposed to the user is then ranked by the system and receives a score based on its relevant importance to a certain subject and its actionable insight that it can provide its users.

The company developed an API that integrates easily into content sites and displays in real-time how much content was consumed on a certain topic, in addition to recommending what other content they should read next on the same topic. The company’s platform “enables users to make educated decisions regarding their content consumption, alleviating them from navigating the never-ending sea of digital content.”

On the user side, the system empowers readers with quantifiable knowledge regarding a certain topic they have just read. Then the platform can recommend other related content, and even display to the user the content’s relevance to the learned subject.

However, on the content creator side, CRUX explains that its platform increases revenue and lead conversion by getting users to better interact, thus improving real-time retention rates - by encouraging relevant content in a gamified environment.

CRUX was founded in 2018 by CEO Barak Ronen and CTO Roie Amir, and has offices based in Tel Aviv and London. The company notes that the newly acquired funds will be put towards expanding its product offering and improving its algorithms.