Israeli startup Preempt Security, developer of a zero-trust platform for detecting and neutralizing organizational threats, is being acquired by California-based cyber-security giant Crowdstrike, which will acquire the Israeli startup for a reported $96 million.

Zero-Trust is the new standard

Preempt Security develops zero-trust cyber-security software to protect organizational networks. The platform bases the ‘no faith’ security measures on identity, behavior, and risk profile. Preempt’s product provides an active response solution in real-time, unlike most of the solutions on the market that settle for flagging and alerting the security and information event management team (SIEM), then waiting for an analyst’s hindsight report of action. The company’s technology utlizies Machine Learning capabilities together with organizational network authorization protocols, which forms a real-time threat-stopping machine.

Crowdstrike, which provides cloud-security for organizations, intends to integrate Preempt’s technology into its CrowdStrike Falcon platform to up its security capabilities. The upgrade will enable Crowdstrike to provide organizations complete visibility from end-to-end with a zero-trust authorization-based data enforcement platform.

Preempt CEO Ajit Sancheti noted regarding the acquisition that “by combining Preempt’s authentication expertise alongside Crowdstrike’s scaled threat monitoring technologies, we can together offer customers a comprehensive cyber-security platform for their hybrid workload and distributed workforce.”

Preempt was founded in 2014 by CTO Roman Blachman and CEO Ajit Sancheti. The company’s R&D center is based in Israel, and the headquarters in San Francisco. According to PitchBook, Preempt has raised $27.5 million to date, with the last round coming in 2018.