Today (Monday), Israeli agtech company CropX, which develops a scalable data-driven farming management system, has announced it is partnering with Reinke Manufacturing, a global irrigation systems and technologies giant. The joint venture looks to empower the global farming community with advanced, data-driven irrigation scheduling tools, and continue the Israeli agtech ecosystem's positive technological impact on the global farming community.  

Proper management of irrigation... and soil health

As climate change brings its own agricultural challenges, the focus becomes finding efficient and smart solutions to best preserve and manage our most priceless resource, H2O. While the farming industry looks to maximize yield and profits, partnerships like these, bring advanced technology solutions to the table, providing leading data-driven irrigation management to farmers in more than 40 countries. Just in water costs alone, can farmers find themselves  "drowning" in debt. By better managing irrigation growers have a more cost effective solution that increases their profits, and our crop quality and price.

Utilizing the data, farmers can plan and optimize care for not only crops but the soil as well. They get data from both above and below the land. With over 80 years of combined experience, the partnership will see the world’s growers maximize crop yield and performance by utilizing cloud-based technology developed by the agtech partnership.

Manage crop irrigation easily and with insight credit: CropX

“We are extremely pleased to announce this agreement with Reinke Manufacturing,” says John Vikupitz, president of CropX. “Since its founding, CropX has maintained a commitment to be the global leader for on-farm irrigation and soil health tools. Today’s producers face mounting profitability, resource availability and sustainability challenges throughout the world. Our mission is to provide affordable, scalable, best-in-class technical solutions to meet these challenges. We are looking forward to partnering with the Reinke team to offer producers a technical platform to enable them to realize the tremendous untapped profitability to be achieved through proper management of soil health and irrigation prescriptions.”

Specializing in advanced technology that provides recommendations on a variety of factors, CropX uses maps, aerial imagery, weather, modeling, user input, and patented soil sensing technology to accurately predict outcomes. Earlier this year, CropX acquired CropMetrics, adding more than 500,000 acres of soil data to their farm management platform.

Farm and irrigation management platform credit: CropX

Through the partnership, growers using both systems will have access to CropX’s enhanced irrigation data-driven prescriptions that they can incorporate into their Reinke irrigation control system. Growers with pivots using Reinke’s enhanced, web-based application ReinCloud will see additional benefits by being able to remotely operate their irrigation while they manage CropX data through the integrated platform.

“We are very excited to make this strategic investment and partner with CropX as we continue to advance precision irrigation technology,” says Chris Roth, president of Reinke. “Reinke is dedicated to irrigation innovation to help growers produce more while providing them with labor savings and environmental efficiencies. We’ve found that same level of commitment in CropX. We are proud to provide the world’s finest irrigation system and we believe this long-term relationship will strengthen both of our companies as we develop unmatched irrigation solutions to farms around the world.”

CropX was founded in 2015 by Isaac Bentwich, who is no longer with the company. The company employs 35 professionals with CEO Tomer Tzach leading the way, and is based in the Israeli coastal city of Netanya.