Gynica has completed a round of preclinical studies in the field of gynecological research in the cannabis arena. With the Ministry of Health approval, it is currently conducting safety studies in preparation for the world's first clinical study that will examine the impact of Gynica’s proprietary cannabis-based vaginal products – a vaginal suppository and lubricant, which the company plans to conduct in the first quarter of 2022.

Cannabis solutions to help women

The new development offers a local vaginal suppository and lubricating gel for chronic menstrual pain and painful intercourse, the two main symptoms of Endometriosis. Local treatment is a significant component since it provides a natural and focused response to pain, and may improve the quality of life, all without a psychoactive effect.

Endometriosis is a chronic, inflammatory, and estrogen-dependent gynecological disease, caused when there are lining-like cells outside the uterus, which settle in different areas of the body, mainly in the pelvic region. The disease affects about 10% of women of reproductive age, many times from the first menstruation cycle. The number of patients suffering from this worldwide is estimated to be 176 million. The disease usually causes severe pelvic and back pain that worsens during ovulation or menstruation, pain in sexual relations, digestive problems, fertility difficulties and more. Essentially, it significantly impairs the quality of life of its patients. The disease is extremely difficult to diagnose, and many doctors are not well versed in it. Additionally, the average delay in diagnosing the disease worldwide is about 12 years.

The rationale according to which the use of cannabis is effective for gynecological problems, is that since the female reproductive system is the organ with the second highest number of endocannabinoids in the body, it is linked to active substances from the cannabis plant. Meaning, local and accurate treatment of feminine phenomena through the active substances of cannabis is expected to be especially effective for various gynecological problems, including endometriosis.

Following a two-year preclinical study, this will be the first time in the world that clinical research will be conducted for a cannabis-based vaginal product to treat gynecological problems that have not yet found an effective medical solution.

In recent years, the medical cannabis sector has been growing immensely, bringing safe and scientifically proven solutions to address medical problems. During the past 3 years, Gynica’s research team has been studying the health benefits of cannabis and its effects on the female reproductive system, with the hope to bring relief and comfort to hundreds of million women worldwide.

Dr. Sari Prutchi Sagiv, VP of R&D at Gynica expressed the importance of finding solutions for women suffering from different gynecological issues. "As someone who has experienced and been surrounded throughout her life by women who suffer from the various problems that Gynica treats, I am proud that soon we will bring a message and we will be able to provide an effective and safe response to women who are currently suffering and not receiving a proper response."

Gynica is owned by The Asana Bio Group, a holding company that specializes in scientific and technological innovations in the fields of medical cannabis. The Asana Bio Group also owns "Lumir Lab", a research and development laboratory, which is considered a world leader in its field, that is also a strategic partner of Gynica. Gynica was founded in 2017 and has raised $5.55 thus far. Their product is in the clinical trial stage.