Cognata, an autonomous robotics simulation platform, and Qualcomm Technologies, a semiconductors company, today announced that they will be working together; Cognata will be providing Qualcomm with their simulation platform for sensor and control simulations.

Cognata provides the fast lane (no pun intended) to autonomous driving with its testing and evaluation solution for self-driving vehicles—a realistic automotive simulation platform where virtual cars travel virtual roads in virtual cities, all remarkably true to real-world conditions. It brings the disruptive power of artificial intelligence and computer vision to the ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) and autonomous driving simulation world and shaves years off the verification and validation process.

Cognata’s simulation platform is multi-layered and designed to incorporate all factors into its simulation engine to create a full run time orchestration, from planning to hardware-in-the-loop (HIL). The platform offers photo-realistic digital twin 3D environments with real-life traffic agents as moving, interactive objects, and procedurally creates digital twin terrain from imported maps with an auto-validation process. It also offers on-demand, customized photorealistic synthetic datasets with various scenarios and objects for fast and accurate artificial intelligence (AI) perception training and validation. Cognata was founded by Amiad Solomon and Danny Atsmon in 2016 and has raised a total of $23.5 million so far.

Visual of Cognata's platform. Credit: Cognata

Cognata’s simulation platform will be integrated with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Ride™ Platform which has steadily gained momentum with global automakers and Tier 1 suppliers worldwide. The Snapdragon Ride Platform offers an extended product roadmap, featuring the industry’s first announced scalable and fully customizable system-on-chip (SoC) platforms built on 5nm process technology, with an expanded software ecosystem with industry-proven stacks for vision-perception, parking, and driver monitoring. With the expanded product roadmap presented in 2021, Snapdragon Ride has become one of the automotive industry’s most advanced, scalable, and fully customizable ADAS platforms. It is also a key component of the Snapdragon® Digital Chassis™ from Qualcomm Technologies – a comprehensive set of cloud-connected platforms that individually or collectively digitize the numerous systems inside any automobile. As Anshuman Saxena, senior director, Qualcomm Technologies stated, “Simulation is a key component of ADAS solutions, and we feel Cognata provides a realistic and comprehensive simulation environment needed to extend the validation of the different components for our Snapdragon Ride Platform.”

Cognata is equally excited about the partnership. Danny Atsmon, CEO of Cognata stated that “We are thrilled to keep advancing the autonomous simulation market over all of its aspects, and through all development stages…We are proud to work with Qualcomm Technologies, one of the world’s leading automotive technology innovators.”