Today (Sunday), CENS Materials Ltd., which utilizes nanotechnology to increase the electric vehicle (EV) battery’s energy capacity while heavily reducing recharging time, announces a charge of their own, landing a $1.5 million investment led by British-Iranian investor Vincent Tchenguiz.  

Upgrading our battery packs

CENS has developed a process that drastically increases a battery’s capacity while also reducing charging time. The company’s solution is created out of carbon nanotubes, a strong carbon structure with unique conducting capabilities that had never before been successfully implemented into the battery industry.

The process is organically integrated and doesn’t require major changes to infrastructure. According to the company, its solution leads to higher energy capacity per battery, low charging wait, all while keeping batteries at the same cost - due to the use of small amounts of carbon nanotubes.

Furthermore, CENS claims that the technology they have developed, cuts out the need for Cobalt, which is a very expensive and highly hazardous material, that is also very hard to mine and usually requires child laborers to manually dig it out.

CENS also notes that its technology easily adapts to, Lithium-Ion batteries, which can be found across the board in most of our electronic devices. This, in turn, will allow battery manufacturers to easily assimilate the tech into their production lines.

In a conversation with Geektime, co-founder and CEO, Michael Bromfman explained that they succeeded in proving that their technology can increase energy capacity by 40% in 3 different kinds of batteries, including EV cars. Bromfman also excitingly noted that batteries with CENS’s integrated tech should be hitting markets already next year.

He continued to mention that the company is still in the midst of POC stage with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean electronic and battery companies, as well as possibly integrating into the electric vehicle industry. Commenting on the funding round, Bromfman said “CENS proprietary technology leans on deep research and has the potential to revolutionize the market and solve the EV bottleneck of issues with battery performance and cost.”

The company was founded in 2013 by Michael Bromfman and Dr. Niles Fleischer, as a part of Incubit Ventures. The Be’er-Sheva based company intends to focus the newly acquired funds on transitioning from the development stage to the pre-commercial stage, including the construction of a production factory that will supply batteries with its integrated tech to game’s major players.