Between sexual harassment accusations, a culture of impunity and claims of industrial espionage, Uber faces an existential crisis
The program by PlayStation and Liverpool Girl Geeks might not only address getting more women into the tech sector, but also healing rifts in the gaming world
Producing unique models for doctors to practice breast surgery, Özge Akbulut pushes the frontiers of material science in a challenge to VR-simulated surgeries
Headquartered at the Chicago mega-incubator 1871, this startup's product will survey you ahead of an event and signal when you're close to someone you'd want to talk to.
Interestingly, since women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to drive, 80% of Uber users registered in the country are women
At its annual global gathering, the IWF showed it wasn't so much a forum about women as much as a forum by really talented women
The competition will be a qualifier for the international pitch competition at Startup Tel Aviv 2016 in September
While a lot of writers might talk about the phenomenon, only digitalundivided has brought significant statistics to show just how acute the problem is
According to Startup Compass's latest report, Estonia is punching above its weight for a country of just 1 million, bringing up the rear behind Latvia and Lithuania in gilding the Baltic countries in silicon
Geektime's CEO discusses the gender differences between how the public received Marissa Mayer's and Mark Zuckerberg's announcements that they are expecting children soon, and wonders which CEO she will be more like