Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Simple things like setting goals and entering your weight go a long way in getting the apps to make you healthier
It looks like messaging apps and filters aren’t enough for this young company. In addition to its announcement of glasses connected to Snapchat content sharing, it has also changed its name from Snapchat to Snap Inc, and is rebranding itself as essentially a photography company
HeraMED will present their technology at the annual GoForIsrael Chinese investor conference in Shanghai on September 20, one of the most notable up-and-coming startups Israel will send to the event
It's the first consumer product for dream induction that actually includes EEG technology that can read and record your brain waves
Motivated to avoid the dangers of the road, Necksound's solution to traffic hazards for joggers dispenses with headphones in favor of proximity sound
On the heels of an IoT revolution, TAP wants its keyboard-exploding wearable to be incorporated into a host of new technologies
Headquartered at the Chicago mega-incubator 1871, this startup's product will survey you ahead of an event and signal when you're close to someone you'd want to talk to.
The company has developed a device that enables the translation of eye movements of ALS patients into speech and text. It was chosen to go to the finals stage of 27 contestants out of 3,000 entries. It will only win if you give it your vote.
ProGlove wants to Tony Stark-ify your IoT devices with a five-fingered remote control
Samsung is trying to improve smartwatches’ relevance by patenting a projector smartwatch that will display the screen on a wearer’s hand