Startups developing neurotechnology linked to preventative medicine and better living will be the main focus of the company
If successful, the only byproduct of the fuel cells would be water vapor
The move is the latest by big tech like Google Translate and Microsoft Translator to shift their machine translation capabilities from written text to spoken word
Beyond Verbal started by analyzing emotional metrics of customers for marketers, but their expansion into healthcare has enormous promise
The initiative brings together two countries which have taken a global lead in the physics-shaking nanotechology industry
On a recent trip, we had the chance to sit down with the czar of science policy in the Australian state, Dr. Geoff Garrett
Genetically modified mosquitoes could soon be released to breed with the same bugs spreading Zika near Miami, carrying genes that could shut down their reproductive systems
The engine is innovative in that it not only will index the materials used in every experiment, it will also track the frequency and rate at which they are used
StemRad's technology offers the first real protection against gamma rays and acute radiation sickness for emergency responders and astronauts
In an unusual move Nano Dimension, an Israeli company called focused on printing electricity-conducting nano-material ink, is expanding into the biotech sector