Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Zebra Medical Vision has been consistently debuting new computer vision techniques that are refining our ability to diagnose diseases earlier
If you wish Siri were a little more natural or communicating with technology were smoother, these five companies are helping fix the problem across gaming, law and learning
The round is a vindication for the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge triangle in its pursuit of higher rolling investors for its thriving startup scene
Alphabet's move to upgrade Google Translate really solidifies that at any moment, the nascent world of machine translation startups could be knocked off course
Intel is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to buy startups from around the world to enhance its own deep learning and machine learning technology, RealSense
The year is 2016, and robots are in our homes, offices, and around us almost constantly. Here are 11 actions that robots can already do to save us the trouble of doing them
A bot called DoNotPay helps users avoid paying their tickets using questions and answers in natural language. Since launching, users have saved over $4 million
TOA's annual English-speaking conference in Berlin is happening July 13-15, and organizers tell Geektime they expect blockchain with a side of Brexit at this year's forum promises its software can analyze the linguistic cues of your would-be customers to let you adjust your sales pitch mid-call
The new center will hone in on natural language processing and machine intelligence