Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Identified Technologies is working to perfect the software element of a complex and competitive industrial drone market
If you want to understand what's happening in space technology, you should talk to the European Space Agency's Frank Salzgeber
Astroscale is sick of satellite and rocket refuse polluting the skies, so it's doing something about it
Caja Systems has made the startling realization that the public likes buying online and wants to make getting your items out of the warehouse even easier
The Russian search giant doesn't get attention in the US like other European and Asian internet companies do, letting news of its own projects slip through the cracks
Zebra Medical Vision has been consistently debuting new computer vision techniques that are refining our ability to diagnose diseases earlier
TOA's annual English-speaking conference in Berlin is happening July 13-15, and organizers tell Geektime they expect blockchain with a side of Brexit at this year's forum
Israeli Dronomy hopes to automate drones and make them self-charging with its new solution
A bot called DoNotPay helps users avoid paying their tickets using questions and answers in natural language. Since launching, users have saved over $4 million
The new center will hone in on natural language processing and machine intelligence