Google's update will give you 200 relevant stories from across the news spectrum in what should show up competitor Facebook
With a house call from Hugh Laurie leading the parade, entertainment's top producers and digital managers converged to talk to the future of TV
This is the third straight year the company has raised a $15 million round
Continued losses and only modest optimism about its new subscription service have SoundCloud on the ropes
The money will help the small 15-person team expand in a global battle for video supremacy
Small startups crave attention to get noticed by potential customers and investors, but miss doing simple things to get on a journalist's schedule
The money is HTC's first significant investment in an Israeli startup as they hunt for more tech to augment their HTC Vive
The company has developed a system that does analytics for AR and VR viewing in order to improve both the speed and content of the viewing experience
Japan fan events have a history of banning male cosplay of female characters even as gender-bending characters have become more common in comic lore
Wochit has negotiated agreements with nearly a dozen content providers to create videos almost automatically but letting anyone to learn to video-edit quickly