Wednesday, January 22, 2020
What is behind the biggest exit ever in Israel high tech? Why did Intel choose Mobileye, and how did the amount of the deal reach $15 billion?
The move might turn Intel into the world's largest self-driving technology provider
Israel-based web design company Wix has acquired longtime internet pillar DeviantArt for $36 million, according to a statement by the two companies. The purchase will give DeviantArt users access to Wix tools to improve their profiles, while Wix designers...
Verizon is still worried about the legal repercussions the data breaches may have, especially financial liability
Nurego has helped power GE's industrial IoT operating system Predix for the last two years
Why did Microsoft want to buy Maluuba so badly? It has a lot to do with seeing the big picture
This would be Huawei's second acquisition of an Israeli company in three weeks
It would be the first big move by Snapchat in Israel, as well as its ninth acquisition
The move will likely further streamline the prototyping and ordering service that 3D Hubs offers
Kampyle adds a digital arm to Medallia, which is already considered an industry leader in customer experience management