Entering a growing market: considerations for entrepreneurs in the field of digital health

With a market estimated to be worth $140 billion and expected growth to more than $400 billion in 2025, it is no wonder that many Israeli entrepreneurs are active in the thirst-for-innovation health sector. Still, many of them are closing down. We've prepared some tools to help you overcome the statistics

Skin Analytics

Skin Analytics' device in action. Photo Credit: Skin Analytics / YouTube

New improvements finally make telemedicine practical

These five developments are making telemedicine more accessible

Photo credit: a href="" target=_blank rel=nofollow>Getty Images Israel

5 Predictions About the Future of IoT for Medical Devices

A Look at the Role of Technology in Parkinson’s Disease

Could technology play a key role in curing Parkinson's disease? Doctors and researchers believe they’re hot on the trail in terms of finding a cure.

Genetic Diagnosis and Personalized Treatment: Israeli startup GeneSort sells for $23 million

The Israeli company harnesses technology to create a personalized profile for each cancer patient, in order to customize their treatments according to their specific genetic mutations

Photo courtesy: King of Hearts via Wikimedia Commons

Top 10 Philadelphia startups ring loudly

Local support groups, multiple universities, and the closeness of other powerhouse cities in the northeast keep Philly startups hopping

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Top 10 Kansas City startups spread across two states

A big area stretching across big cities and big farmland has started hatching some companies with big ideas.

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Top 10 St. Louis heartland tech startups

St. Louis, home of the Gateway Arch on the bank of the Mississippi, may be far from Silicon Valley, but don't tell all the startups they're in the wrong place

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3 tips for beating the MRI monopoly and getting the most out of your medical provider

Why the cost of exams has gone through the roof

The facade and deck of the new-and-improved Peter Mac Cancer Center in Melbourne, Australia (Gedalyah Reback/Geektime)

Australia biotech labs struggle to translate bustling research scene into entrepreneurial startup culture

A titan of lab research, Aussie scientists are struggling to transition to an entrepreneurial culture, reluctant to take investments despite hefty offers

Homemade burger with lettuce, meat, tomato, onion and french fries on chopping board Photo Credit: Westend61 / Getty Images Israel

4 startups working on lab grown meat you should be following

Would you eat a burger grown in a petri dist? These companies are betting that they can build you a burger over the next five years that’ll not only be good for the environment but taste great

DarioHealth glucose monitor (courtesy)

DarioHealth’s diabetes technology is the all-encompassing solution to all diabetics’ problems

There is a growing sector of 'diabetes tech' preparing to offer its services to 'pre-diabetics' with diagnoses in the US expected to triple in the next thirty years

Raissa HaCohen, co-founder and CEO of CareNav (courtesy)

Meet the Jerusalem mother whose startup will help parents of kids with rare conditions navigate the health system

Navigating the health care system is a nightmare for parents whose kids have rare conditions. One mother has decided to do something about it

Photo credit: Laminate

Photo credit: Laminate

Laminate raises $8 million to ensure proper blood flow during dialysis

Israeli company Laminate wants to prevent unnecessary treatments with a special device fitted on the vein that ensures flow of blood during dialysis is right amount


Israel's private hospital network Assuta seeks to press its advantage by investing in the local tech scene — from apps to monitoring — for its facilities' benefit. Photo Credit: Gedalyah Reback / Geektime

Offering ICUs a way to detect rapid deterioration in patients before it happens, startup Intensix raises $8.3 million

Israel-based Intensix's software tries to anticipate changes in a patient's condition before they happen

Avi Yaron, founder and CEO Visionsense and now Joy Ventures has gone through three brain surgeries, leading to his invention of a new kind of surgical camera (Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images Israel)

Avi Yaron, founder and CEO Visionsense and now Joy Ventures has gone through three brain surgeries, leading to his invention of a new kind of surgical camera (Rene Johnston/Toronto Star via Getty Images Israel)

Beyond brain surgery: Israel’s newest VC JOY Ventures raises $50 million fund for ‘neuro-wellness’ startups

Startups developing neurotechnology linked to preventative medicine and better living will be the main focus of the company

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