Wednesday, January 22, 2020
The money will match investments from foreign investors to help Portuguese startups scale abroad
Japan fan events have a history of banning male cosplay of female characters even as gender-bending characters have become more common in comic lore
The company is expected to issue a number of announcements, likely featuring an all-in-one desktop computer in the Surface series
There was some big news out of Oculus last week, laying out exciting expectations around the corner
The three-day conference will bring hundreds of people together in Shanghai and Wuhan September 20-22
“Now it’s been fashionable not to go public and companies are trying to stay private for much longer . . . the reality is the best tech companies – the ones changing the world and building enduring brands – are public."
PI/Startups wants to bring Israeli experience to Poland and Polish innovators to Israel
Pears works on a different project every year that matches Israeli hi-tech with a cause in a different developing region
TOA's annual English-speaking conference in Berlin is happening July 13-15, and organizers tell Geektime they expect blockchain with a side of Brexit at this year's forum
At its annual global gathering, the IWF showed it wasn't so much a forum about women as much as a forum by really talented women