Speaking to Geektime at Slush 2016 in Helsinki, Finland, ESA BIC Director Frank Salzgeber is optimistic about a new kind of satellite future
NanoIsrael 2016, Israel's 5th annual nanotech conference, will highlight innovations such as nanomaterials used in fighting cancer and advancing photovoltaics
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Anyone can participate using the Space Nation app, then have the chance to advance to field tests before a winner is announced around Christmas 2017
Japan fan events have a history of banning male cosplay of female characters even as gender-bending characters have become more common in comic lore
The company Mobli unveiled EyeIn, its newest visual search engine and plugin for content sites, in a launch party on Tuesday evening. This is what we saw
The money will match investments from foreign investors to help Portuguese startups scale abroad
Held for the third year running, the event is billed as the largest equity crowdfunding summit of its kind with 5,000 expected to attend