Wednesday, January 29, 2020 combines machine learning with the ELK stack for its analytics platform. Among other things, they can analyze political sentiment on social media
Corrigon's image recognition technology could make eBay searches a lot easier
LingoHub is automatically producing multilingual apps by integrating its technology with clients' developer sites and deploying its machine translation technology
The system enables users to ask questions in natural language, and “translates” them into SQL. Its uses? From bots and apps to IoT
The Fiverr of coding just added a major library of prefab coding modules, streamlining their network's service potential
E8 is banking on speeding up storage for companies dealing with huge amounts of data, and their investors are hedging
This company’s technology lets developers discover and fix problems in their code in minutes, not days. This round brings them to $22M in total funding
Already profitable, the investment will let the country focus on amplifying its current infrastructure
All three Rocketick founders are veterans of Israel Defense Forces' elite 8200 military intelligence and technology unit
Hamburg saw more new startups in 2015 than any year previous, with FinTech a huge employer in the northern German city.