Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Google Translate offers 103 languages, but rival services and apps have added machine translation for some others
Google's update will give you 200 relevant stories from across the news spectrum in what should show up competitor Facebook
Several more languages are slated for a massive interpretation update in the coming weeks
The Russian search giant doesn't get attention in the US like other European and Asian internet companies do, letting news of its own projects slip through the cracks
This field will have profound effects on the way companies write TV shows, design computers, and analyze spoken language
US police departments have been forced to get warrants to track vehicles, but courts have been split on tracking cell phones
Intel on the commercial real estate market is a lucrative business that has attracted big name investors like 500 Startups and Bain Capital
Xeneta uses big data to find the best price quotes for shippers, but they face some well-funded startups who were quicker to grow
Trax is one of the few startups offering an intuitive service for stores
The partnership will mean students studying advanced translation will get access to top-notch tools