For years Canon Medical Systems has been innovating the MedTech scene. Now, the U.S.medical technology branch announces a partnership with Israeli healthtech startup Zebra Medical Vision in an effort to provide patients with the latest AI-driven medical solutions. The joint venture will see the Israeli startup offer its AI1 automated imaging analysis system paired with Canon’s global reach and expertise, providing physicians with accurate diagnosis for optimal medical care.

Zebra Medical’s AI1 product is just one out of 6 FDA-approved products introduced by the Israeli startup. The AI-powered technology scans medical images, then runs them through cloud-based analysis to accurately diagnose and prioritize risk for a patient. The partnership moves Zebra’s AI analysis solution just one step closer to the point of care. Possibly foretelling of a future where medical conditions and treatments are determined fully by Artificial Intelligence.

"We are excited about the partnership with Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc., a company taking innovative and proactive steps to ensure AI adoption for better patient care. The integration of our solution into the modality space allows us to realize Zebra Medical’s vision of improving patient care at scale. Thanks to the strong product integration between the two companies, Canon Medical customers can save crucial time reaching acute cases faster, and enjoy AI insights directly in their workflow seamlessly," said Ohad Arazi, CEO of Zebra Medical Vision.

It was just last month that we witnessed Zebra Medical receive FDA approval for its AI-based mammogram solution. The company’s focus, if you haven’t guessed it already, is primarily providing AI-powered analytics platforms that offer improved preventative treatment pathways for better medical care. This partnership provides the MedTech startup with further momentum in the company's global expansion. In addition, Zebra Medical features a strong financial and market guiding force behind them, naming Johnson & Johnson, Nvidia, and OurCrowd among others.

"By partnering with Zebra Medical, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. is further proving our leadership and commitment to innovation in diagnostic imaging through accessible AI,” said Satrajit Misra, senior vice president, Marketing and Strategic Development, & acting vice president, Sales, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. “As we continue to expand our AI offerings across systems and modalities, we’re elevating the diagnostic imaging capabilities for our customers and providing more opportunities to improve patient care than ever before."

Zebra Medical Vision was founded in 2014 by CTO Eyal Toledano, VP of Product Marketing Elad Benjamin, and Chairman of the Board Eyal Gura. The company has raised a total of $57 million up-to-date and has already deployed its medical imaging solutions in numerous countries spanning 5 continents.