If you’ve ever walked around a construction site, tech advancement is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. Actually, despite a dire need, the construction industry seems like it’s pretty late to the tech game, failing to adopt new technologies, AI, and machine vision systems. However, an Israeli startup is looking to change this, while ensuring that the building process is defect free.

All you need is a smart algorithm & 360 camera

source: CaStory

Most of the time the construction of a building never goes exactly as planned, causing delays in various projects reaching finish builds because of minor and major building defects. “Instead of manually detecting defects and preforming construction quality assurance, as is done currently, our solution saves construction workers from tedious repetitive tests and repairs,” explains co-founder and CEO of CaStory, Tom Yitav. “Our vision is to create a structured process that eliminates mistakes, saving on time, and project costs - by transforming the construction site into a controlled digital environment.”

The contractor can enter the architectural blueprints directly into CaStory’s system, while the foreman patrols the construction site, as usual, wearing a 360-degree camera installed on his hard hat that continuously scans the inside of the building, creating an overall image of the site. Then, the visual data is transferred through the company’s software and is compared with the original building plans. After the data is analyzed, the system creates a summary detailing the different identified defects, and setbacks in scheduling. For example, finding gaps between the location of power outlets compared to the original blueprints.

The U.S. & Israel already enjoying the product

source: Israel Hadari

“Coming from a family of contractors and building inspectors, I noticed the common issues and inefficiency that plagues complicated construction sites. Once we recognized the need, we started working on a product,” tells Yitav. “The product is a necessity in light of the lack of qualified personnel in the industry against the ever-growing demand for new and more complicated building projects.” CaStory’s product is at the final stages of initial development, and currently active in a number of projects in Israel and the U.S. “We are working with an entrepreneur in Philadelphia on a residential project of 14 large housing units, and are about to begin further collaborations in Texas,” claims Yitav.

The company plans to sell its product to entrepreneurs in the construction industry and contractors, while also diligently creating strategic partnerships and networks in the world of real estate. According to YItav, the collaborative characteristics of the construction site which includes many sub-contractors that work on the different sites, ensuring that the company’s service will quickly and easily pass from word of mouth.

So far, CaStory has raised hundreds of thousands of NIS from the Highroad Innovation Center, though it is vigorously working towards completing a full Seed funding round. The company was founded by CEO, Tom Yitav and co-founder Ilia Marek, and is based out of Kibbutz Ma’ale HaHamisha, which is not far from a few construction sites that use the company’s product.