Israeli agtech company Prospera Technologies, which brings AI-powered data-driven technologies to vegetable growers around the globe, enters into a partnership with German seed and crop protection giant, Bayer. The proposed agreement centers around providing a digital data-backed solution for greenhouse vegetable growers everywhere.

Prospera specializes in machine-learning technologies that leverage AI data-analytics in an effort to provide data-driven solutions for vegetable growers to produce higher quality crops. The Israeli startup’s technology essentially provides crucial data on the plant’s wellbeing including stress levels, development, and general health. The collaboration will see Prospera’s machine-learning AI technologies integrated into Bayer’s vast network of vegetable management expertise to provide an all-in-one cloud-based platform that will enable growers almost instant, previously unattainable, insight into their crops’ needs.

Daniel Koppel, CEO and Co-Founder of Prospera Technologies commented on the partnership saying that "our advanced AI algorithms and data tools combined with Bayer’s complimentary knowledge and data sets have the potential to change the way vegetables are grown and help feed the world sustainably with fresh, nutritious food."

For growers, the proposed insight gained from the data is close to priceless, allowing them not only greater knowledge about the “needs and wants” of the crops but also freeing-up time, which we know equals money, for other farming tasks. Leveraging AI-backed capabilities in the growing process helps crops receive the optimal required irrigation when needed, rather than a ‘water for all’ type approach. Take pepper farmers who could use this technology to identify the exact areas in the greenhouse that demand care and irrigation, enabling higher volume crop yields and higher vegetable quality.

Infield trials will are set to begin July 2020 in Mexico, which is a crucial market for global vegetable production. The partnering companies will work alongside local greenhouse farmers enhancing digital solutions while providing insightful data for better crop yields. The partnership intends on leveraging the trials in order to expand globally in the future, based on growers’ needs and market demand.

As COVID-19 continues to decimate our previously known reality, this kind of solution that requires less human intervention has become more relevant than ever, with the Israeli agtech company aiming in the future to move the greenhouse growers’ responsibilities totally onto the back of an AI-powered platform.

Prospera was founded in 2014 by CEO Daniel Koppel; CTO Shimon Shpiz; and CTO Raviv Itzhaki. The company holds a team of 80 employees, among them data scientists and agronomists that collaborate with a team of software and hardware engineers to bring the crop optimization care solution to life. The employees are spread throughout the company’s offices in Israel, Mexico, and the U.S. The company has raised a total of $26 million up-to-date mostly from some of the market’s heaviest hitters like Qualcomm, Cisco Ventures, and Adam Fisher (who’s quite the interesting fellow) Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners.