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Israeli adtech startup MassiveImpact acquired by Taiwanese GMobi

The Israeli company has over a billion users each month. Taiwanese sources said the acquisition price was in the tens of millions of dollars
  Aug 24, 2016
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Exit: Somoto acquires Israeli Meme Video for $13 million

Israeli company Somoto is acquiring Meme Video, another Israeli outfit – and its third acquisition over the past two years
Aug 19, 2016

IPG buys out Israeli Pursway for lackluster price and lets go most employees

The size of the deal is close to the amount the startup had raised since its inception - and most of the employees have been let go
  Sep 20, 2015


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Chorus.ai's Tel Aviv team. Photo credit: Chorus.ai

The sales call was very successful: Chorus.ai raises $16 million more

The Israeli startup has developed an AI-based system for sales talks that provides managers with quick insights into sales calls and sales team performances
  Feb 08, 2017
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Moshe Hogeg’s online investment platform Invest.com raises $20 million

The company, which offers a ‘hedge fund for the people,’ has announced the launch of its services in the UK
  May 26, 2016
Implisit team. Photo credit: PR

Salesforce acquires Israeli startup Implisit for tens of millions of dollars

The Israeli startup analyzes a company’s incoming emails to forecast potential deals
May 10, 2016

Will Israeli BidFlyer disrupt last-minute plane ticket pricing?

With a fresh $1 million investment, the company looks to save consumers major bucks and let airlines re-coop losses at the same time
Sep 22, 2015
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Israei EarlySense raises $25 million for contact-less patient monitoring platform

The company’s technology makes it possible to monitor a patient using a small sensor attached to their bed
Jun 03, 2016
Photo credit: BACtrack

There is now an alcohol monitoring wristband

Forget those expensive and clumsy breathalyzers and meet Skyn, the world’s first alcohol monitoring wristband
May 24, 2016

Is Google working on an augmented reality lens?

A recently approved patent reveals that Google is developing an artificial lens that would be implanted in the user’s eyes
May 02, 2016

Israeli Farmigo raises $16M to deliver produce directly from farmers

Farmigo, which raised $16 million, is bringing the farmers market to the digital age – providing fresher produce to customers and more income to local farmers
  Oct 01, 2015
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The million dollar list: New Crowd-sourced list provides details of Israeli Angels

A new list now available online includes the names of more than 100 Israeli investors, and their areas of investment interest
Nov 26, 2014

Way to stop raising the issue: IronSource raises $80M

IronSource, a huge Israeli startup, completed a successful recruitment of approximately $80M, reflecting a market cap valued at $800M
Aug 12, 2014

Israeli startup Guesty, which provides tools for Airbnb users, raises $1.5M

Guesty provides a service for property owners to automatically manage their apartments on Airbnb. The startup tells Geektime about its new funding
Jun 11, 2014


Photo credit: Global-e / Vimeo

Shop on an American site, feel like you’re on a local one: Global-e raises $20 million

Global-e’s system localizes the customer’s entire shopping experience, including content, payments, and shipping
May 10, 2016