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Why women are neurologically equipped to start and grow companies

Are women naturally better business leaders? Neuroscience seems to think so
  Oct 12, 2014

On being a 17-year-old entrepreneur

Rami Ghanem is a 17-year-old founder with two companies under his belt. Here, he tells us how he got there
Oct 09, 2014

Galway is the San Francisco to Dublin’s Silicon Valley

UP Global has created an interactive, open-source map of this emerging Irish tech hub
Oct 05, 2014

5 ways to utilize your day job to be a better entrepreneur

Daydreaming about starting your own business and quitting your day job? Not so fast - you may be better positioned to launch a startup while still at your company
Sep 29, 2014
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And your Third Startup Weekend Cairo winners are:

Over 150 participants, 30 pitches and 16 teams later, Cairo's Third Startup Weekend chose three winners. Here they are!
Sep 22, 2014

All about Startup Weekend Cairo

Here, you can read about the 16 teams competing and what they are building this weekend at the Third Startup Weekend Cairo
Sep 21, 2014


Evolution of the desk (GIF)

Check out this fun GIF to see how our desk spaces have changed since 1980
Sep 28, 2014


How do you turn girls into hackers? Vidcode has the answer

Vidcode is an app that gets girls interested in coding by pairing them with a hobby girls love – creating and sharing videos
Oct 07, 2014