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Based in Singapore, Terence writes about technology trend and startups in Asia. Passionate about harnessing tech for storytelling, he has picked up web development, sniffing his way around Ruby on Rails, Javascript, and D3.js. His articles have been published on Venturebeat, Yahoo!, SGE, Straits Times, and Today. He digs movies, computer games, and food porn.

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Photo credit: Rufus Griscom

He told Disney execs why they shouldn’t buy his company. They still bought it for $40M

This technique works on one condition
Feb 05, 2016

What toilets can teach us about user experience, as told by Y Combinator’s Kevin Hale

What a light hearted joke exemplifies about good design, as told by Kevin Hale at Tech in Asia Singapore 2015
  May 15, 2015

Pakistan needs more serial joiners, not serial entrepreneurs

Shehryar Hydri, the investor and director of marketing and operations at Convo - which raised a $5M Series A Round recently - is known for telling it like it is. He [Read More...]
Mar 05, 2015
Photo Credit: Nicolas Lannuzel at Creative Commons

Singapore’s startup scene is overrated. But that’s the only way it can succeed

It’s a top financial center. The most competitive economy with the lowest unemployment rate. But here’s the problem: People believe the Singapore hype too much. [Read More...]
Nov 12, 2014



Asia is the fastest growing mobile games market in 2014 (Infographic)

It has been quite the year for videogames, and this infographic from video game research firm SuperDataResearch sums it up
Dec 10, 2014


3 awesome startups that failed

Why being first often doesn’t work out
Jul 07, 2015

Uber is the biggest story for startups in 2014, period. Here’s why

Uber has quickly turned from media darling to media villain, but these stories distract from what’s fundamentally at the heart of it all: that Uber has risen from the [Read More...]
Dec 27, 2014


Singapore’s 10 biggest tech stories in 2015

Here are some of the biggest tech stories to come out of Singapore in 2015.
Dec 19, 2015


Photo credit: Heisenberg Media / Flickr

Why I’ve lost respect for Peter Thiel

Well, let's count the ways
May 29, 2016


Singapore space startup Astroscale raises $7.7M Series A round

With this funding, Astroscale hopes to address a problem few of us know about: space junk
Feb 23, 2015