Moran Bar

Founder and CEO of Geektime, an entrepreneur with many years of experience in high-tech. Participated in large, web based projects. Former member of MAMRAM - an elite technology unit in the Israeli army, and a certified attorney with specialties in private law and technology.

a geek since Apr 2013



Photo credit: Getty Images Israel

Opinion: No, scoring an exit does not necessarily make you wealthy

A Globes article states that eBay’s acquisition of SalesPredict has made Kira Radinsky a “multi-millionaire.” The truth, unfortunately, is a little different
Jul 14, 2016
CrowdX founders Gil Friedlander, Amit Lubovsky and Ori Goshen. Photo credit: PR

Cellwize acquires Israeli CrowdX

This is the story of how one major pivot helped CrowdX land the exit
  May 17, 2016
EverythingMe, despite having 15 million installs, is shutting down. Photo Credit: EverythingM

Popular Israeli app launcher EverythingMe closes down, most of staff let go

Fifteen million users wasn’t enough for Duet Media, the developer of app launcher EverythingMe. They announced that they will be shutting the app's doors
Oct 25, 2015

Origami Logic raises $15M

Origami Logic closed a B round at $15M led by Jafco Ventures
Jan 30, 2014

Venture Capital

David Blumberg of Blumberg Capital. Photo credit: PR

Are companies undervalued outside of Silicon Valley? David Blumberg responds

David Blumberg of Blumberg Capital gives his two (or more) cents on this and sage pitching advice
  Apr 08, 2016

Built by Girls: Why AOL’s new VC fund will only invest in women

"When I learned that women are getting just 7 percent of investments and that just 4 percent of investors are female, I realized that something has to be done,” Susan [Read More...]
  Jun 16, 2015

What do investors talk about after you leave the room? A visit with New York Angels

Moran Bar's experience on the investor side of the deal table at The New York Angel's monthly presentations meeting
May 26, 2013


Geektime Conference: mirOculus

An effective yet cheaper and faster solution with whcih to discover microRNA, cancerous profiles
Oct 15, 2013


Origami Logic raises $15M

Origami Logic closed a B round at $15M led by Jafco Ventures
Jan 30, 2014