Lloyd Waldo

Czech Republic 

Hailing from San Francisco, California, Lloyd Waldo, the self-proclaimed “3rd most-famous American in Prague,” is StartupYard’s content manager, blogger, and resident copywriter. He moved to Prague in 2008, and established himself as a local writer, public speaker, musician, and composer, contributing music to short films, and essays for Časopis Krásná, a Czech language magazine, as well as critical reviews for the Prague Film and Theater Center. He also lends his voice acting talents to Tympanum, Divadlo Archa, and Manandahat studios, voicing audiobooks, commercials, and announcements. In 2012 and 2013, Lloyd was Marketing Content Manager for Glogster, a popular “visual-creative” social network and educational platform, where he also contributed product designs, and marketing and business strategy.

a geek since Jan 2015