iAFRIKAN is an independent technology (Information & Communications Techology - ICT) analysis, news and reviews site. We focus mainly on technology content relating to Africa and believe that technology stories and knowledge from Africa are best narrated by those in the trenches, working daily in the technology industry on the continent. The team is led by Tefo Mohapi and comprises some of the top technically competent professionals on the continent. We launched iAFRIKAN on March 4, 2014 and prior to that announced the publishing of our anual Technology in Africa - 2014 Digest on February 6, 2014. More reports, publications, digital products, events and conferences are planned and in the pipeline.

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Net Neutrality in Africa

The connectivity provided by zero-rated services makes all the more a difference to Africans as traditional means of knowledge and communication (e.g. libraries) are [Read More...]
Aug 30, 2014

Does being online make media digital?

Jul 26, 2014

Documenting Uganda’s E-commerce Journey

We need to be aware though, that for every startup success story, there are millions, perhaps thousands for the case of Uganda, of startup failures whose demise remains [Read More...]
Jul 12, 2014


Mobile Advertising in Africa

Africa’s current population is in excess of 1.1 billion people, with approximately 650 million mobile connections in Africa used by approximately 450-500 million [Read More...]
Sep 19, 2014

You can read deleted Skype chats

Apr 25, 2014

Why should anyone buy your app

Why should anyone bother to download your app? Is it worth its salt? To be worth one's salt is to be effective and efficient therefore deserving of one's pay
Apr 20, 2014


Why did PayPal wait to enter Nigeria?

Aug 16, 2014