Boris Kogan


CEO at SwarmBuild, a platform that connects designers, makers and startups to engineers and machine shops working in CNC, 3D printing and laser cutting.

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Top 5 Chinese trends that will shape the global economy in 2015

Now that China is in the business of bailing out countries right and left, how will this affect the global startup ecosystem?
Jan 01, 2015


Hype and Punishment: Why the media went hysterical over 3D printed guns in Japan

Regulating personal 3D printing is about as intelligent and feasible as regulating power tools or sharp objects.
Oct 28, 2014

Hardware startups can make it – Says Scott Miller

The man who took the Roomba from prototype to high volume production is now CEO at Dragon Innovation where he's helping hardware startups make the same leap
Oct 23, 2014


DIY Bio killer app challenge: Fighting Ebola with open source digital fabrication

The current Ebola epidemic is a chance for DIY bio to shine. So, we would like to set a challenge before the public.
Oct 30, 2014